BEHIND THE ILLUSION: Is the “delightful” daytime talk-show host part of a shadowy governmental cabal? To anyone who’s been paying attention AT ALL over the last couple of years, one thing is very clear: The future belongs to those who refuse to sell their soul, those who refuse to feed the eye, those thinking original thoughts, asking questions, researching, speaking the truth, and encouraging others to do the same. Those who aren’t merely foreground shills for something else. A leaked 2009 memo in an email exchange with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, singled out The Ellen Degeneres Show, which could be used to “amplify and deliver messages that advance policymaking.” The memo stated that Ellen DeGeneres is willing to use her platform to promote the agenda of the State Department. The State Department memo highlighted the importance of “using shows like Ellen” to “push government agendas”, as opposed to more political news outlets. In another leaked official State Department exchange, a top government aide and the Secretary of State discuss Ellen Degeneres’ quote, “willingness to do whatever we ask.” So Ellen Degeneres is willing to covertly push official government foreign policy under the guise of a silly, non-threatening morning talk show. If that’s not the definition of a government asset, I am not sure what is?

Read More: https://t.co/Ac19kR2tqQ?amp=1


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