IT’S NOW FALSE FLAG SEASON IN AMERICA: So, what is a false flag? Well, hopefully you know what a false flag is, but for those who don’t, a false flag is usually an act of terrorism or sabotage carried out in order to push a specific political narrative and to achieve a reaction from the public that accomplishes those political goals of the people carrying out the act. False flags have happened many, many, many times throughout history. They happen all the time. And, the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings are no different. Q warned us on July 31st, to stay vigilant and be aware of our surroundings, because False Flags by the Deep State, to clog the news cycle, just prior to the FISA Declass, were possible. And, they came right on time!

Read More: https://www.talknetwork.com/2017-12-14-its-false-flag-season-in-america-podcast.html

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