🚨CIA FALSE FLAG ALERT🚨: The alleged fake pipe bomb hoaxer who sent bomb-like hoax props to prominent Democrats, has been identified and arrested. His name is Cesar Sayoc Jr., and he is reportedly a 56-year-old Native American drug dealer, according to media reports. His criminal rap sheet includes possession of illegal steroids “with intent to distribute” as well as retail theft and other crimes. A white van discovered at his property looks like a professionally produced false flag theater prop, with nearly every window covered with high-end graphics promoting President Trump, Mike Pence and “CNN sucks” messages. In other words, not only were the fake pipe bombs convenient props for the left-wing media to play the victim; this van is the perfect visual prop to repeatedly broadcast on left-wing news to blame conservatives for this obviously staged false flag theater. The van wrap images look pristine, brand new, as if they’ve never even sat in the Florida sun. There isn’t a single sign of any of these images fading or peeling, and there are no signs of any vandalism carried out against the van. It’s obviously a staged prop. A fake! It’s all another CIA-run psyop, in other words. And it’s painfully obvious to nearly everyone that this van has been decorated by a professional team for precisely this purpose.

Read More:–W-Gzux083HuGVbBxyq8HyU4X4Ml0u7Y6r3q5524s-3Bzm4-R7oD8ZgcwDPYUIWHlODZViA7coQGxSWggfIdaNgDrfJpHuodF2SQ3t_jNsPpQDURJPMmPV_ljCJobJydIvcujG91B4KO9OQD7HMsipR_a4QvsN7wCHt6NAIQnYpDF3OfgHMDjvn_2TXZDh6XaK7uLFmmAoLqd-5pi1tWVix5wRijXUxTpotNd7veEhFshGGTLDAmbMjosSzyC5xxublL7WNTz71xOSDHBnRnjPp6Bv56AWLZOMJYhDzJkwMXvwuUAFcm2XJh6qTJD_tSDUvnqvDhxxGKDrclkCgvIl2bNnevKhDil2hQrrkReIyNW7WU4zDEYviO-T4xsb8IWvHNhUDlvOA


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