🚨DEEP STATE FALSE FLAG TO FRAME REPUBLICANS🚨: Could there be some nutjob Republican behind the recent spate of explosive devices being sent to high-profile DEEP STATE Democrat operatives over the past 24 hours? Sure, that could be true. BUT, could it also be possible that these devices are being sent by desperate DEEP STATE Democrats who, watching the ever-rising Red Wave, seeking to stop it, by framing Republicans, by being behind this? Just keep in mind that it was Democrats who exposed Christine Blasey Ford when she asked to remain anonymous. It was Democrats that accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of ‘gang rape parties‘ when no such parties ever existed. It was the George Soros financed Democrats attacking senators in elevators. And it has been Democrats telling their followers to ‘get in the faces‘ of Republicans and cause disruption. Could it be that some of Maxine Waters followers have taken her literally and sent these packages to frame Republicans? ABSOLUTELY! Any true and sincere investigation of who is behind these pipe bomb attempts will look at both sides for the answer. But don’t be the least bit surprised if the person or people behind it come from a George Soros financed disruption group!

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  1. ok ya’ll I think I caught on to democrats trick, So call your state rep, and let them know how you fill about what is going on at the border, We have the media following the caravan of illegals that is on foot, but at the same time we have bus and truck load of illegals coming to the border and crossing it in cars, to make you think it only illegals on foot that is coming we need to call our state rep. and let them know what we think is going on”” I will,

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  2. I am a mail carrier and those packages would be caught in a minute and NEVER sent out of the office. We are trained to see packages like this as TARGET MAIL and they are immediately taken out of the system. No way they would get past the originating office, NEVER!

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  3. This does look kind of funny that they found all of them before they exploded Fallout packaging and stamps in the setting the other looks like got to be some trace of something to identify who sent them very fishy

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  4. Hey Pauline. I am not getting a good vibe now then. I will not push to post the results of the tests that they have done or any other issues that you might be happier not knowing about. Thank you.
    Stan Stradczuk


  5. Don’t be surprised about Those bombs. It’s part of Democrats politicians tactics the people in caravan we’re invaders, military to be send there’s need to be fully arms. Because they have people inside of the US that they can be delivered them a weapon. And flight our military.. Aida Payton


    1. Donald Trump don’t have to send bombs in the mail this is Hillary Rodham Clinton keeping something going on so Republicans will stop and read her fake news reports and forget to vote early its not working we are voteing early straight Republican ticket so Donald Trump and Mike PENCE can clean up Obama Muslim take
      Over Thank God for Donald Trump and Mike PENCE boys keep our borders closed and fight like King DAVID we are behind you


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