In probably every century since the death of Christ, Christians could marshal arguments that their generation comprised the end times prior to Christ’s return. Of course, such arguments were wrong. Still today, many Christians are convinced we are approaching the rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. As Hal Lindsey has emphasized on his television show, the time seems to be short: “We [the US] could fall and be forced into a one world government and economy tomorrow… All of this has made the possibility of the Antichrist making his appearance an event that can happen in weeks or days, not months or years… As never before in world history, world conditions are set up perfectly for all of this to take place in literally a matter of days.” And, “The Antichrist could appear at any moment.” (The Hal Lindsey Report May 7, 2010) But is this really true? Are there events that make this generation stand out from all others, especially considered cumulatively?

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