Listen and pay attention: As you all know by now, the mainstream media was WRONG, and the alternative media was RIGHT about this election! It is now obvious, every pollster was wrong. Every mainstream news outlet was wrong. Every political analyst and prognosticator was wrong. But alternative media, such as and was RIGHT, which tells you something rather profound about who is actually credible when it comes to news and analysis of world events. If you really want to know what’s going to happen, turn off the establishment media propaganda garbage. They were lying to you from the very start. They have ZERO credibility remaining. You can’t believe a word you hear on CNN or read in the NYT. Here’s the history of 2017 before it happens: Listen up and save yourself! There’s a monumental market crash coming in 2017 that will make history. Donald Trump will take the White House, and then be made a scapegoat for the world’s most devastating debt collapse that will be initiated by globalists. All the mainstream financial analysts are total buffoons. All the financial news heads are complete idiots. They are all wrong! None of them have any clue what’s about to happen, and none of them saw the Donald Trump victory! Many of your pensions will collapse. The money you have in vulnerable banks will vanish overnight. Your ability to carry out banking transactions will be severely disrupted. Your stock market investments will crater by at least 40%, maybe much more. All this is headed toward us like a freight train… most likely in 2017, but certainly within the first term of the Trump administration. The “BIG ONE” is coming! It’s going to be deliberate. The goal is to punish the world’s revolting citizens, and blame Donald Trump, to remove him from power. Don’t think for a minute that the political elite are going to surrender and walk away from power. They are going to unleash a scorched earth policy of total economic terrorism and destruction in order to push people to the edge where they beg for central banks to rescue them from catastrophe. It’s all coming. It’s so easy to predict. Don’t doubt for a minute that this will happen soon. Be ready or be destroyed by it!

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