Donald Trump is not a Christian. By his own testimony, Donald Trump is not born again and as such cannot be considered a Christian in any other way than in name only. Trump has never admitted to being a sinner in need of a Saviour, in fact he has said the opposite. NewsMax said “Donald Trump said Saturday that ‘I am not sure that I have’ ever asked God for forgiveness, telling the 2015 Iowa Family Leadership Summit that “I just go on and try to do a better job from there.” Donald Trump attends a Presbyterian church which is one of the most apostate, Laodicean pro-LGBT churches you could find. His attempts to quote the Bible ala the now infamous “two Corinthians” controversy at Liberty University is the stuff that viral tweets and videos are made of. But, America is not a theocracy and we are not electing a pastor, right? Right. With Donald Trump in the White House we get someone who will be quite supportive to Christians, which will be a very welcome change after 8 years of having the “not Muslim” Barry Soetoro in the Oval Office. And just maybe, with all the Bible waving he does, one of these days someone in his inner circle might just get him to open that Bible and show him how to get saved. The political elites hate him and are spending millions to try and stop him. Why do they hate him so much?, Trump is the anti-politician who cannot be bought because of his vast personal wealth, and he is also not a politician. He not only does not fit “the mold”, he seems to be quite intent on smashing the mold. Trump is a businessman who wants to not only make the deal but to make the deal work. The NWO elites hate him because he is not one of them. He will not toe the party line because he is not part of the party. He will give the elites and the Establishment absolute fits from his first day in office. Every single one of those Republicans who said “vote us in and we will repeal Obamacare” failed to keep that promise. In short, they lied right to our faces, and not only that, they made backroom deals with Obama at every possible opportunity. The debt has gone up $4 billion since they took over. You cannot blame all that on Obama. It was the Republicans who lied to us! Conservatives, who tricked us with false and empty promises they never intended on keeping. And it is the Republicans who want to stop Trump because Trump will not be part of their mess. Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate, far from it. Donald Trump has many faults, as do all of the candidates on both sides running for office. But ultimately it is God who will install the man or woman that He wants to sit there to accomplish His purposes in these end times. Obama was elected, twice, because God wanted him in there as a judgment on America. But for all you Christian Republican haters of Trump out there, don’t be a hypocrite. If your conscience will not allow you to vote for Trump for the nomination, then you better either abstain or vote Democrat come November.

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